Beauty from ashes

Spite Garden may seem contradictory, but let me explain. This concept is inspired by negative events that have transpired in our lives. Individuals may have caused us harm, but what they meant for evil, God meant for good. So, in spite of their attempts and despite their bad intentions, we will make something beautiful out of the ashes. Disclaimer: no actual ashes are used in the making of our products, not even the ashes of our enemies.

I am a US Army Veteran.  Although I can kill you using only my pinkie (just kidding, I have no idea how to do that) I would much rather talk to you about my love of bath and body products.  So what could be better than making the very products I adore and sharing them with the world?  (For a reasonable price, of course.)  All of my products have been thoroughly tested on myself (except the beard products because I can't grow a beard and I am most unwilling) and my patient and willing friends and family.  I sincerely hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor of love.  Come and take a stroll through my Spite Garden.